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“At Beech Consulting we believe that by identifying what a person truly wants in life, and showing them how to connect their goals with the greatness that is within, they create the powerful belief that they are unstoppable.”

Our Coaches seek to fully understand each client and what is holding them back from pursuing and attaining their life goals. Only then can we develop a plan of action that has meaning and results.

Our Coaching Approach:

  • Understanding your current state of affairs_SDI7089
  • Evaluating your financial attitudes and aptitudes
  • Understanding who you really are and what drives you
  • Understanding the purpose and motivation of your business
  • Not trying to “eat the elephant in a day” we instead encourage incremental steps to improvement
  • Connecting you with a peer group of like minded entrepreneurs
  • Learning from your peers
  • Building the courage to make the necessary changes
  • Regular evaluations
  • Making adjustments to stay on course and keep moving forward
  • Remembering to celebrate the victories